Judges on Leave

S.No. Name of Judicial Officer On leave from On leave till Nature of leave
1 Shri. N. P. Deshpande, 2nd Joint Civil
Judge J. D. & J.M.F.C. Indapur, Pune
11-03-2020 13-03-2020 Earned Leave & LHQ is granted from
10/03/20 AOH till 16/03/20 BOH
2 Shri. S.M.A. Sayyed, 15th Joint Civil Judge
S. d. & Addl. C.J.M., Pune
24-02-2020 25-02-2020 Earned Leave is granted.
3 Shri. R. V. Lokhande, District Judge41
Additional Sessions Judge, Baramati, Pune
17-02-2020 18-02-2020 Earned Leave is granted.
4 Shri. S. R. Navandar, District Judge-5
& Additional Sessions Judge, Pune
29-02-2020 02-03-2020 Earned Leave & LHQ is granted from
28/02/20 AOH till 03/03/20 AOH